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  • 08.11.2019
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Brasida | 12.11.2019
no homo we smokin penises!
Shakalmaran | 16.11.2019
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Gosho | 17.11.2019
What it do, what it do Stinkerbutts!! I just got off from doing a double at work. My boss is giving me today off because I won't be any good trying to work with only 4 and a half to 5 hours of sleep. At least it's going to be a beautiful, sunny Money Monday in the Lou. Well, I'm going to eat and get some beauty sleep. The jive turkeys are lurking, so keep putting the check down on them as you go about your day.
Vukasa | 17.11.2019
One thing that annoys the fvck out of me is the fact that I have family members that don't spell my daughters name right. Like how hard is it?! Especially when I spell it for them in social media posts and they still knowingly spell it wrong. Would that be something that bothers you? Or am I just being nitpicky?
Vudotilar | 17.11.2019
Good movie, nice music )

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